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Auto Insurance Leads Shouldn't Involve Ineffective Cold Calls

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Cold calls are an old fashioned marketing approach that quite simply annoy and turn off today's tech savvy sales prospects.

If you're an insurance agent who's focusing on outdated techniques of generating new leads, then you are living in the past, and are probably missing out on some great opportunities available in the market these days.

Cold calls and mass mailings may have been the way to go in the pre-internet era, but these days all you're doing is just hoping that something sticks with unsolicited phone calls and mailings that will most likely end up in the recipient's circular file. These are not the best marketing approaches for your business.

You may end up with any one of a dangerous list of problems you can't recover from including:

  • Do Not Call Lists

  • Little to No Response from Mass Mailing Campaigns

  • Wasting Money on Post Cards that Just End Up in the Trash

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Unless you are the kind of insurance agent that can convince someone living in or near a desert to invest in sand box insurance, then these old fashioned techniques are not for you. You need to explore some other options. It's easy to say that you need to explore new ways of selling and finding qualified leads, but it isn't always easy to know for sure what direction to take or what techniques will work best for your style of interacting with prospects.

This is the reason you should start looking into insurance lead generation services like Hometown Quotes for Agents. Services such as this will provide you with a supply of new and ready to close potential clients that you will never find with the older methods.

These customers are interested in talking to you about your products and services, and are more than willing to listen intently about what you have to offer as Hometown Quotes for Agents has rigorously screened them in this respect for you. This will provide you with increase sales and profitability.

How Will This Help with Sales?

Having effective auto insurance lead generation provides you with a boost of energy and excitement about sales because you know that you have leads that are ready and happy to talk with you.

They are not just listening to you to get you to leave them alone. Instead of wasting your time on a frustrating sales pitch, you will be qualified before you ever contact them and there will be no problems with either party becoming frustrated with the experience.

These leads will be generated using the filters and guidelines that you select as you are setting up the service. Don't frustrate and alienate potential paid clients with that cold call. They need to know you have a reason to call them specifically rather than just a random call on an auto dialer...

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Save Precious Time, Money and Energy

Think about the unsolicited calls that you receive or the piles of junk mail that you throw out each and every day. Do you have a positive opinion of the sales people that try to use these sales tricks on you?

The prospects that you've chosen to call or mail cold may feel the same way about you. Your phone call will probably end with a loud click and your mailings that you spent so much money preparing and sending out through the post office will just end up in the recycling bin if the customer cares to sort it out from the rest of the trash.

With a list of rigorously screened insurance leads from Hometown Quotes for Agents that have already made their need to speak with an insurance agent very clear, you will be able to cut down your time looking for someone who wants to talk to you. Insurance marketing has never been easier to work with since you have a list generated of actual insurance shoppers who are waiting to talk with you.

Spend Money to Make Money

Once you put money into your budget to obtain a list of auto insurance leads from professional insurance lead generation, you are not wasting precious time and money on just any old sales prospects, but you will interact with rigorously screened insurance prospects that are looking to invest in insurance and are more likely to spend more money than anyone you would get in touch with from a cold call.

Now these leads are not all going to be a sale since you will still need to do the leg work and make that sale happen. A list of professionally generated leads is a great start though, but as long as you are knowledgeable and ready to help them with their concerns, you will have a much better return on your efforts than you will by using old fashioned sales techniques.

After all, aren't you tired of the upset people on the end of the line? "Why are you calling me?" "I'm not interested!" "Leave me alone!" ad nauseum infinitum.

Avoid this when you make smarter calls to prospects who actually are looking forward to hearing from you.

Become a Top Producer

The top producing insurance agents that leave most wondering how they're consistently closing the majority of prospects that come their way aren't struggling to survive. They are thriving in a world of rigorously screened insurance prospecting backed by top quality lead generation services that makes the sales process less of a struggle and more of a pleasure. These thriving insurance sales professionals aren't chasing down every single person with a phone number, email, and physical mailing address.

Instead they are investing a portion of their hard-earned advertising budget into, and consistently testing, new methods that prove effective and result in sales from targeted prospects who need to speak to an insurance agent right away, rather than the upset people on the other end of the line who aren't interested in what you have to offer we mentioned earlier. Imagine how much better it would be to have a conversation with a customer who is interested in the products you have to offer.

It is a world of difference from what you would get from those cold calls. The thriving sales people know that sales are no longer a matter of numbers. Rather than calling one hundred people just hoping to get one sale in all those calls, they are putting their efforts into customer that have already been qualified and screened just for their products. They get a solid return on their investment.

Get the Right Auto Insurance Leads Today

Whether you are an independent agent or part of a larger company, you can rely on lead generation services to help you locate and invest in the best customers for your particular insurance offerings. Say good bye to cold calls and say hello to increased sales and conversations with customers that actually want to talk with you today. You will appreciate the difference in your calls right away.

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